Avo Doggo is the world's CUTEST & DURABLE avocado dog toy. It will bring calorie-free happiness to your furry friend and complete every fiesta. It's time to chew, chomp and play with the world famous Avo Doggo. This is the PERFECT toy all dogs wanted!

While in his Mechanical Engineering profession, Avo Doggo founder Julio Calderon, knew the day to day 9 to 5 career he had built himself for the last decade left him hungry for something more.   A proud dog-dad himself – to a husky named Nala, and a lover of all things avocado he knew blending his two passions would lead him to spearhead his entrepreneurial journal. 

After converting his simple lunch break napkin sketch to dozens of meticulously scaled conceptual sketches, and rounds of “quality assurance” squeaker tests by Nala – the leap of faith was taken and the dedication to developing and producing Avo Doggo became Julio’s new full time career.

Presently, the Avo Doggo Team has established itself throughout the west coast of Florida as THE go-to high quality, safe and interactive toy bringing endless smiles to dogs and their pup parents. Through extensive market research and a passion for longevity Avo Doggo is now available at both brick and mortar retail and online shopping, for all to enjoy.